Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I decided to try my hand at a video blog to mix things up. I hope you guys like it. Please feel free to critique, but not to harshly ;)


  1. Matt,

    Awesome video blog! Learning about that poster's history was really cool! I really look forward to you next one!



  2. Hey Matt,

    Great video! All metalheads support you! :) Can't wait for the next videos :D


  3. It would be neat to see a series of vlogs (video blogs) showcasing some of the rare IE collectables you've acquired in your time with the band. As one of the worlds biggest IE collectors (along with Johnny Z (Brazil), Tobi (Germany) and Jan(Netherlands)), I'm sure there is stuff that I don't even know about.

    Up the Irons Matt!

  4. Nice to hear you talking about your work again, I always enjoy to hear you discussing business :)
    Hope to see other videos soon!

  5. Hi Matt, and thank you for talking us about this wonderful artwork that you have. It's awesome. Looking forward for your upcoming stuff. Cheers!

  6. Hey guys...Thanks for the comments. I will try to continue making these as long as you are diggin' the concept. Cheers!

    1. Hey Matt,

      just out of interest, what are your personal thoughts and feelings on the Burnt Offerings album? I (and I think everyone in the IE realm), know of Jon's publicly stated distaste of the album and the events going on with CM during its production. Hearing somebody elses opinion on it who was there and lived through all the b.s. would be interesting to hear.

    2.'s the thing. I will always have a special place for Burnt Offerings because it was my first record. I also think it has some really cool tunes that still remain unique to the IE catalog. I was never privey to the business dealings with CM, so I won't comment on that aspect of it. I love the record, and I love that fans love it too!

    3. I just wish that Jon would wake up to the fact that the majority of the fan base actually DO like the album, regardless of its sales (not to mention how many copies were made by tape traders and Napster downloads back then) and that there's no reason to not play more of that album in the live setting. God, I've only heard a small hand full of bootlegs with Burnt Offerings, Creator Failure, and Diary for example done live. And now, even more so with Stu than with Tim, the band has more than the talent to pull off those songs that you originally recorded. With such an extensive back catalog, it always seems that Burnt Offerings is skipped over when set lists are created and that NotS and Dark Saga get FAR more attention than the black sheep of Iced Earth's past. It just drives me nuts since its my favorite album.

      /end rant

  7. Hey Matt,

    I always liked the album "Burnt offerings". The theme, songs and art are amazing! I need to ask what you consider a "part of you" in that album. When I heard the chorus (latin, I think) from Dante's Inferno, I've felt the soul's desolation that the lyrics bring to life!

    I could never figure out what you really sai in that parts. When we (my band) play "Dante's Inferno", this part misses something...

    I'll came later to talk about the literary context of that song! In all these years studying the relationship between music and literature, I've discoverd some treasures that I have to share!

    Keep it heavy,


  8. Matt, here is Johnny from Brazil =]
    this blog is awesome!

    man, i'd kill for a t-shirt with this Burnt Offerings poster =] ok ok... of course I won't kill hahaha

    Im intend to take pictures from my collection, including all related stuff (like Cauldron demo you know I get it) =]
    Let's see if my children give me a "permission" to manage it hahahah

    take care buddy! let's keeping contact

  9. Burnt Offerings and Alive In Athens were the first two Iced Earth albums I bought. I write a lot of horror myself and do use a lot of references to Dante's Inferno. Burnt Offerings was one of the darkest albums that had a power metal vocal out there.