Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well, I’ve got to tell you that I’m pretty excited about this weekend.  My wife is taking me to see “John Carter “(of Mars) for my birthday.  Yeah, that’s right…I’m old!  However, I still can’t get enough of epic Sci-Fi.  This character has been around for a hundred years (I’m not quite that old) and this marks his first appearance on the big screen.  He hails from the creator of the beloved classic “Tarzan”, and has been the template for many protagonists of the science fiction genre; i.e., Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Han Solo/Luke Skywalker love child. During my youth, J.C. (the Savior of Martiankind…get it?) graced the pages of Marvel Comics.  I truly hope that he is treated with the care and respect that he deserves, so that we might be graced with his further adventures.

That leads me to my next example of care and respect for characters. “The Avengers” are in the house people!  Well, they’re really kinda at the front door.  Actually, they’re walking down the sidewalk in front of your house… probably.  My point is that F@#$N trailer looks killer!!!  I hope to see it played before the “John Carter” showing, so I can see the Hi Def version on a large screen.  What I have seen in this trailer is something that other “comic movies” will have to measure themselves next to.  I think it’s going to be a great season for Marvel, as the “Amazing Spider-Man” will also be met with high expectations. 

It would appear that the house of “Mooby the Golden Calf, I mean err…eh, Mickey Mouse” has once again found itself a “Cash Cow”.  Though I don’t think that Disney has acquired all rights to Spidey, and a few other Marvel titles, they definitely appear to be full speed ahead.  As a comic book fan, in general, I’m really glad to see that a lot of these stories are getting fast tracked.  I just hope that the integrity remains in what Marvel Studios had started pre-Mooby.  Don’t get me wrong, I think that a lot of great material has come out of Disney Studios via Pixar, etc.  I just don’t want to sit “false idoly” by while  some of my favorite superheroes are morphed into some kind of “neo-politically correct-we now own your soul ” version of their former selves.  Remember “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” –Keyser Soze.  BARLOW-OUT!


  1. Love your rants Matt ^^
    The trailer for Avengers does look pretty cool :)

  2. The trailer does look pretty cool, indeed. Man, there are so many movies coming out this year I'd like to watch, but it's so expensive. :o
    I'm looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises later on this year. Maybe I'll have a look at The Avengers. You should post your opinion about the movie as soon you've seen it, so that I can decide whether it's worth the money. ;)

  3. Marvel has a committee that makes sure Spider-man 3 doesn't happen ever ever again :] ( You can read about the gloriousness here: http://marvel.com/news/story/12705/marvel_entertainment_promotes_joe_quesada_to_chief_creative_officer )

    Also, I think there might be some Skrulls in the Avengers movie? :P